Non-Radiation Electric Blanket

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Intelligent Timing Digital Display Single 150 * 80,
Intelligent Digital Display Timing Double 150 * 120,
Intelligent Digital Display Timing Double Control 150 * 180

1.The electric blanket cannot be folded when it is powered on.
2.When using an electric blanket, place a quilt underneath, a bed sheet or a thin blanket on top  It is not recommended to sleep directly on the electric blanket.
3. Do not cover the electric blanket as a quilt.
4.When folding bedding is placed on the electric blanket, no electricity can be applied to avoid local overheating.
5.Pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchus, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients should not use electric blankets regularly, or it is recommended to use under the guidance of doctors; pregnant women and infants generally should not use electric blankets.
6.If it is wet with water or urine, please dry it in a ventilated place before using it.

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